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You like to follow the latest fashion trends? Great! Then you'll love this article in which you'll find out what pieces will make you the star of this colourful autumn. Plus, we've put together some tips for beautiful handbags that will fit in perfectly with the aforementioned autumn outfits. Are you ready to shine?

Unmissable colours

This year, the world's leading designers are giving the green light to vibrant colours that are proven to have a positive effect on our health. This year favours girls and women who aren't afraid to reach for daring colours such as bright orange, deep pink, canary yellow or pea and emerald. Pick up a coat or skirt in one of these colours.

This year, bright colours will not only be seen on clothes, but also on accessories. So if you want to get a handbag that follows the latest fashion trends, go for the beautiful Minna handbag in yellow.


That you like tartan outfits? Then you'll be happy to know that it's one of the hottest trends this autumn. A number of brands are betting on this typically Scottish check pattern this year. In terms of colour, the red and black plaid combination is very popular, but there are countless other colours and colour combinations in play this season.

Some fashion designers are not afraid to combine tartan with other distinctive patterns, such as animal motifs. But if you're worried about the result looking too extravagant, keep it simple. Pair a tartan shirt, coat or skirt with a minimalist yet striking Quinn handbag.

Seductive cut-outs

This autumn will be characterised by seductiveness, as the dominant feature of autumn dresses, trousers and blouses, according to fashion experts, will be cut-outs, whether in the form of strips of fabric or round holes in the area of the waist, hips or thighs.

If you want to further amplify the femininity of the cut-out outfit, complement it with a passionate red Rainn handbag. With this combination, you'll make it impossible for your surroundings to take their eyes off you.

Autumn in the name of radiance

What to wear when you're attending a special event? You definitely won't go wrong if you reach for some sparkly pieces. Aside from sequin and rhinestone pieces, sheer tops, dresses and skirts will also claim the spotlight. Black sheer fabrics are particularly popular.

A festive outfit deserves an elegant handbag. One such is the black Zoya handbag, which includes a practical crossbody strap.

Final autumn tip: Body Brick

To conclude, here's one more tip for a piece you'll undoubtedly love in the autumn days. Thanks to its brown colour, the long-sleeved Brick body is incredibly suitable for autumn days and can be worn with trousers and skirts.

Enjoy this autumn to the fullest with a smile on your lips, a trendy outfit and a beautiful handbag that will ensure a perfect overall result.

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