It's here! The first collection of leather and eco Vuch handbags

09.08.2021 MAGAZÍN VUCH
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Vuch handbags have always boasted unique design and precision craftsmanship. And the hot new products from Vuch are no different. However, the new handbags also feature a unique material in the form of high-quality genuine leather and recyclable material that is environmentally conscious.

It can only be a leather handbag

Let's introduce leather handbags first. The top fashion stylists agree that every woman should have at least one quality leather handbag. Why do they recommend a genuine leather handbag? You can recognize such a handbag at first sight, it has a luxurious look that other materials cannot replicate. Leather is also very durable and you can wear it in all seasons without any worries.

Leather handbags in four colour variants

The new Vuch leather handbags are characterised by their minimalist look, as the leather is distinctive enough on its own and needs no extras. These practical, elegant shoulder bags are equipped with a strap and a zip closure, and inside they conceal a pocket for small items that is also with zip. Choose from the black Marcia handbag, the deep blue Wayne handbag, the pink Phoebe handbag, or the grey Veronica handbag. So, which colour is your favourite?

Ecology - a hot topic at Vuch

The Vuch brand not only thinks about its customers when designing its products, but also about the environment, which is why it has decided to launch its first collection of handbags made from recyclable material. But beware! These are not the first accessories made of recyclable material, as Vuch's eco purses have seen the light of day in the recent past. 

Practical and beautiful eco handbags

Eco shoulder bags made of recyclable material have two main pockets with zipper, a small card pocket and one pocket with zipper closure. Like the leather handbags, the eco handbags are available in four colour options. The passionately red handbag is called Madonna, the black Rebecca, the purple Tobey and the beige Vanna.

Are you interested in handbags made of recyclable material or leather? Whichever one you choose, we believe you'll fall in love with it at first sight and first touch.

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